​As you know, Infusionsoft is an awesomely powerful platform. But there's still some things it can't do.

For example:

  • ​Order forms are far from aesthetically pleasing
  • ​​You can only automatically communicate with your Infusionsoft contacts through email
  • ​​It has little to no minimal protection against fake, bot-created contacts

​Not only are there 3rd party apps that can fix things Infusionsoft is lacking, but there are even more than can multiply its power by 10,000x.

Check out the apps below to see how you can take your business to the next level.

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Forms and Documents

​If you've bought a product from us, do you remember how pretty the order form looked? That's because it was designed with Spiffy! In fact, you can even design an entire sales page in Spiffy if you really want to. Spiffy is super easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Infusionsoft. A ​must-have​ if you're selling anything using Infusionsoft's order forms.​​​

Automation and Integrations

​​You've scheduled an appointment with me before if you're reading this. And guess what you used? Appointmentcore! Another ​must-have​ if you regularly schedule appointments with clients.​​​

​Zapier, but with 93% fewer integration options. Still a solid choice for cloud integration.

​The emails you send with Infusionsoft automatically archive on your contacts' records. But if you follow up with a personal email, like Gmail or Yahoo, your further communications are separate from Infusionsoft. emailAttacher solves this problem and integrates your personal email with Infusionsoft so you can archive all communications with your contacts.

​​Parsey is a powerful integration tool for email and webhook services. Parsey takes data from virtually ​anywhere potential contacts can enter information (like DocuSign, Survey Monkey, Gravity Forms, or Calendly) and "parse" it into "Infusionsoft language".

​The ultimate all-in-one automation solution. The king of integrations.

Link your web apps with a few clicks, pass info between them using Zapier's "Zaps" workflow, then build processes faster and get more done. Zapier integrates with apps like Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and more.

​Here's an example of just one small proccess you can automate with Zapier:

"When I get a new email in Gmail, add the sender to my Infusionsoft list, copy the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox, then alert me in Slack about the new Dropbox file."

Zapier is another ​must-have add-on​ if you're looking to send your productivity through the roof.​​​

Lead and Conversion Enhancement

PlusThis offers many useful integrations with Infusionsoft.  When you click the icon to the left, you will receive a 15% discount on your PlusThis subscription. A ​must-have.​​​​


​Convert your videos to GIFs (pronounced with a hard "g") which will autoplay in your emails to encourage clicks.

​​Increase Your Sales While Reducing Your Dependence on Email. ​Fix Your Funnel helps you capture leads and communicate with prospects by text message so your marketing is ​more likely to be seen, read, and acknowledged.

​​Do you want to impress your ​prospects? Make an unforgettable impression with ZenDirect. Their service enables you to easily personalize, print, and send physical mail and gifts, including CHOCOLATE BROWNIES, CARAMELS, POPCORN, GIFT CARDS AND MORE.

​​If you've been on a call with Scott, you've used Zoom, the #1 video conferencing and web conferencing service. Zoom lets you organize ​meetings, ​host ​webinars​, build collaboration-enabled conference rooms​​​​​​. ​It even includes an IM service (similar to Slack)​.

WordPress Integration

​If you're reading this, you've seen the power of Memberium and didn't even know it. This entire membership site is built on Memberium. Building powerful, automated memberships sites with WordPress and Infusionsoft just can't get any better. Everything just...works.

Memberium is super easy to set up, has great support, and is beyond flexible. If you ​want a WordPress-based membership site, Memberium is a must-have.


Create beautiful Woocommerce stores and automate with Infusionsoft.          

​Nexus Merchants gives you the freedom to select your favourite merchant accounts (like Stripe & Braintree) as native connections, meaning you can still use the system you love within Infusionsoft – wherever in the world you are.

​​Voted the #1 Infusionsoft app, Revenue Conduit deeply integrates your eCommerce platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.) with Infusionsoft. A must-have for any Infusionsoft user with an eCommerce site.

Landing Pages and Lead Capture

​Easily and efficiently build high-conversion sales funnels. Pick from squeeze page, reverse squeeze page, lead magnet, bridge, survey, and application funnels. Even if you don't want Click Funnels (or would prefer our web design services :), I implore you to watch the video on their homepage for a good laugh. (Seriously, this is one of the most creative promotional videos I've seen.  Ever.)

​Easily build stunning opt-in campaigns that capture leads, convert customers, and integrate across all your favorite digital marketing tools: from Facebook ads to e-commerce

​​ListCleaner keeps fake contacts out of your Infusionsoft list automatically. All you have to do is connect ListCleaner to your Infusionsoft account then tell them what you want them to do with the fake contacts they find.

If you're reading this, you've seen ThriveThemes in action! That's right, both MasterPlan4Success websites are built on ThriveThemes. Not only does ThriveThemes give you awesome themes for your WordPress site, they've also developed a multitude of other invaluable products. 

​Here's some of what you get​ with ThriveThemes:

​Thrive Themes: ​10 beautiful, functional WordPress themes

Thrive Leads: Create opt-in forms, run A/B tests, and grow your list

Thrive Architect: Drag-and-drop page builder. Includes 233 pre-built landing page templates

Clever Widgets: Show different dynamic content in your widget areas​

Thrive Ultimatum: Add countdown timers, run complex evergreen scarcity campaigns and more

Thrive Ovation: Easily add dynamic, beautiful testimonials to your website

Thrive Quiz Builder: Create quizzes to gain valuable visitor insights or build a segmented email list

​Thrive Optimize: A/B test landing pages

​If you run your business from a WordPress site, ​cannot recommend ThriveThemes enough.​​​​

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