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​Infusionsoft recently added the ability to setup a protocol called ​DKIM. 

S​​​​​​o what is DKIM? And most importantly, ​why do you need it?​​​​

​What is DKIM?

DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) protocol is a complex email protocol that allows the identity of you, the sender, to be authenticated by your contacts, the recipients.

When receiving emails, a mail server needs to know if an email really is from who it says it's from. If it can't verify the identity of the sender with absolute certainty, the email is more likely to be tossed into the spam or "promotions" folder - meaning that it won't be seen or read.

So how do email providers verify the sender's identity? They ​use DKIM protocols to ​filter out spam and email fraud, particularly in the form of spoofing emails from trusted domains, like your own domain name.

The DKIM protocol ​uses a public key to create a DNS record tied to your domain name​​​​. The same key is used to sign the email that you send. When your recipient's email provider compares the two keys and ​verifies they match, it ​confirms that you, the sender, are who you say you are.

​DKIM lets your recipient know that ​​the email is actually coming from you, not a spammer spoofing your email address.

​​DKIM sounds great, but what ​can it do for me?

​The security of DKIM le​ts ​your contact's email provider​ ​know your domain name is safe. ​Therefore, your emails will be placed ​squarely into your customers' and prospects' inboxes. ​Because your emails will be securely authenticated as your own, you'll experience a higher delivery rate.

​As a business expert, you know your emails being delivered is ​vital to ​success.

But just what does a higher delivery rate mean for you?​​​

​Clear communication


​Increased sales

​Reliable lead capture

I'm sold! But I don't know how to set this up. What can I do now?

​We know you're busy. We know you don't want to take time to figure out how to set this up yourself.

​That's why we're offering to ​set up DKIM​ on your domain for you​. 

Sounds good but...​what will it cost me?

Others are selling this exact same service for almost $100!

But as a small business just like yours, we know communication with customers and prospects is absolutely vital to any successful business. That's why we're offering this critical modification as a done-for-you service for just $79 per domain name.

So if you want...

  • check
    ​reliable lead capture,
  • check
    ​increased sales,
  • check
    ​clear communication with customers and prospects, and
  • check
    ​peace of mind knowing that your emails will be received consistently and reliably

​...then let our Infusionsoft experts set up DKIM for you for just $79 per domain name.

Yes, keep my emails out of the spam folder with your DKIM Done-For-You Service

​But do I ​really need DKIM​ set up for me?​​​

​Let's say you want to ​mail an important invoice to a client.

Would you​​​ put a stamp on it that only guarantees a 50% chance of actually making it to your client's mailbox? Of course not!

Then why would you want to send an email if you don't know it will actually make it to your client?

DKIM virtually guarantees delivery of your emails, so you can rest easy knowing your emails will be placed safely into your customers' and prospects' mailboxes.

Get your emails out of the spam folder and into your contacts' inboxes

​At your service,

P.S.: ​The longer you wait to configure DKIM in your Infusionsoft account, you're​ leaving your relationships with your clients, your lead​s, and your salesin uncertain hands​The success of your email communications are at risk.

​P.P.S. If you recognize the importance of reliable email delivery, I trust you will take advantage of this limited time offer.​​​ I look forward to hearing from you!

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