Stop Losing Sales Because Your Emails May Not Be Getting Delivered

Do you have a nagging suspicion that your emails from your marketing automation software aren’t getting seen by everyone you’re sending them to?

If I could show you that hundreds, even thousands, of dollars were being unintentionally “stolen” from your business because your emails aren't landing in your recipients' inboxes, wouldn’t you want me to tell you about it?

Hi, I'm Scott Hartley.

I'm a Keap Certified Partner and EmailSmart Certified Deliverability Expert.

I've helped over 300 small business owners like you set up their automated email campaigns since 2017.

They're Cracking Down

The rules set by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other email service providers have changed drastically over the years.  They're getting tougher on spam.  

These ever-tightening regulations make it even more difficult for the emails you send from your marketing automation software to get delivered and seen.

Being Unaware Can Be Costly

Many of the small business owners I talk with are unaware they have at least 2-3 problems preventing some of your contacts from seeing the emails you're sending from your Keap, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, MailChimp, or other marketing automation software.

When I get "under the hood," I usually discover several other issues causing major problems.  Things like...

  • Missing or invalid domain authentication - Google, Microsoft and Yahoo want to know emails sent to their users are really coming from you.  You must have 3 specific and properly configured records on your domain that prove your emails are legit (think of it like your driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance for your car).  Without these 3 records, most of your emails will likely land in junk or spam - or in worse case, be completely rejected.

    Fixing just this for one client boosted their email health score by 39 points and resulted in more of their emails getting delivered. 
  • Spam traps - Valid email addresses secretly used by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other email service providers to catch spammers.  If you're caught sending emails to these "trap" addresses, it damages your email reputation.  If done long enough and consistently, they could completely block you from emailing anyone on their platform.
  • Hard-bounced and invalid emails - Sometimes people change their email address and close old accounts without notifying you.  When you send an email to a non-existent address, it bounces.  If you're not notified when an email bounces, you're unaware that your email to that person are not getting seen - taking away your ability to nurture them and ultimately costing you sales.
  • Emailing unengaged contacts - The big 3 email providers penalize senders who continuously email contacts who have not opened, clicked, or replied to one of your email within the last 60-90 days.  If you're not actively monitoring your contact's engagement, your messages probably aren't landing in their inbox.  Like with spam traps, if you continue doing this, you could get completely blocked from emailing anyone on their platform.

    Fixing this for one client boosted their email health score by 27 points. 
  • Spammy email content - Including certain elements or phrases in your email can make them look like promotional or marketing materials.  This can determine if your email goes to the inbox or to the junk/spam folder.  Following general guidelines on creating your emails can help more people see your messages.

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